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Is your region - Almaty?

«KazTransCom» JSC Social Policy


"KazTransCom" JSC is one of the largest communication operators providing a wide range of services in the field of telecommunications and information technologies in the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan. In its activities, the company seeks to ensure the sustainable development of its business, focusing on not only the economic but also the social component.

"KazransCom" JSC implements social projects and programs, guided by the current legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the Charter of the Company, as well as the following fundamental principles:

Social projects and programs are aimed at maintaining decent working conditions, social welfare of employees, environmental protection, providing sponsor and charity support.

The"KazransCom"  JSC management understands the responsibility to each of its employees and realizes that only a  man of integrity and comprehensively developed person can contribute to the success both our company and the whole society in general.

In the Company, all types of social support for employees are defined by the Regulations approved by the Board of Directors. The Regulation provides for the development of a healthy lifestyle among its employees, welfare assistance to employees having four or more children under the age of 18, welfare assistance to workers on the home front, equivalent to veterans of the Second World War and combatants in Afghanistan, internships for young professionals without work experience, trainees, etc. The Company annually organizes events for children of employees: competitions, rest during school holidays, matinees. In order to maintain the corporate spirit, the company holds events of various formats: hiking, concerts, quests, flashmobs.

"KazTransCom"  JSC sponsorship and charitable activities are aimed at the revival of spiritual and national values, rendering assistance in accordance with the Policy of Sponsorship.

The important factors that affect the social aspects are the observance of the norms and requirements for the environmental protection and health. "KazTransCom» JSC within the framework of the Environmental Policy monitors and controls adverse environmental impacts arising in the course of industrial activities in accordance with state, international, local, corporate legislative acts. According to the Policy on Occupational Safety and Health, we strive to create conditions that protect the health and safety of personnel, customers, business partners and the population living in the zone of influence of "KazTransCom"  JSC.

Among the main criteria for selecting suppliers and contractors of the company is also the implementation of the effective policy in the field of industrial safety and environmental protection, which are determined by the approved Safety, Health and Environmental Protection requirements of  the "KazTransCom"   JSC to contractors and subcontractors, which includes  elimination of child labor use.

The Company conducts continuous monitoring and disclosure of information on socially directed activities through the preparation of regular reports.

Thus, The Social Policy at "KazTransCom" JSC is aimed at the welfare of company employees, citizens of the country and society in general.

The Company adheres to the policy of openness and transparency of intentions and actions, providing access to the results of its activities by placing relevant information in the media, on the company's website, the website of the Kazakhstan Stock Exchange (KASE) and the internal portal "Communicator".