Is your region - Almaty?
Is your region - Almaty?

Fixed Internet

Choose high speed, reliability and convenience.

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Dedicated internet access is a reliable tool in achieving your goals.

Today, business of any size requires a constant communication. As technologies develop, companies rely more on the Internet and demand higher performance, reliability and flexibility.

Dedicated internet access by KazTransCom, unites your employees in the most distant areas of the city with customers and partners, providing constant communication and instant access to data worldwide.

The service performs the following tasks:


Connecting to the Internet with a speed ranging from 1 Mbit/s to 10 Gbit/s


24/7/365 Guaranteed speed


Access to Internet resources with minimum latency


Access to a variety of voice, video and cloud services


Individual approach, flexible and economical tariff plans

How does it work

A dedicated channel with guaranteed bandwidth and quality of service is organized between the client's office and KazTransCom central communications point. To ensure maximum reliability and quality of service, we use advanced modern technologies: our private backbone DWDM network with a capacity of 800 Gbit/s, length of 7000 km, 14 international and 11 local interfaces with telecommunication operators, as well as the ring topology of our city networks. All this allows to ensure a guaranteed level of service and service availability of at least 99.95%.

Additional services

Client Benefits

Business Class Service

Low traffic latency and high network performance are provided by the private backbone network and ring topology of city networks, ensuring a high level of service and redundancy (SLA 99.95%).


Reliable enterprise-grade connections. The network monitoring and security service, optionally connected to your Internet channel, will protect you from DDoS attacks and allow you to monitor your network activity round-the-clock.

Symmetrical traffic

Symmetrical Internet channels provide full bidirectional data transmission at higher speeds, allow to create VPN virtual private networks between your offices, use VoIP telephony and use videoconferencing.

24/7 Priority technical support

Personal managers, certified technical specialists, round-the-clock network monitoring, technical and information support.

Favorable tariffs

Personal approach to each client, unlimited tariff plans for small, medium and big businesses.

Blocks of public IP addresses

The ability to purchase address blocks, static IPv4 addresses, different configurations (-3-4-5-6-7-), for your convenience and savings.


The cost is calculated individually, depending on the tariff plan and additional services.

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