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Smart Online Cash register

Mobile cash register with an online data transfer

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The new generation of cash register systems in your smartphone.

Choose the perfect solution for small and medium businesses.

Smart Online KKM is a new generation of cash register systems that does not require hardware. SMART Online KKM can be used on any mobile device on the Android platform. The mobile application is free and available for download in PlayMarket.

SMART Online KKM is a Kazakhstan software product, which is a mobile cash register with data transfer to the CRF, which meets the requirements of the law, is convenient and easy to use, and is also suitable for courier delivery.

The service performs the following tasks:


Acceptance of cash and non-cash payments in any area of business


Allows you to use your smartphone as a mobile cashier


Online data transfer to the Fiscal Data Operator


Corresponds to the legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan, is included in the register of tax committee No. 205 dated 06.17.2017

How does it work

In order to start using SMART ONLINE KKM, you need to: buy Smart Online KKM, sign a contract, register on the Fiscal Data Operator website (, register a cash register at the tax office and download the free SMART ONLINE KKM mobile app at the Play market.

Additional services

Client Benefits

Connection speed

Connection of service within 24 hours, across all Kazakhstan.

Priority technical support

Personal managers, certified technical specialists, technical and informational support.


Does not require the purchase of expensive cash equipment.


Low cost Smart Online Cash Mashine


Service cost 15 900 tenge

Connect to the service