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Is your region - Almaty?

Call from the site

You can increase sales without leaving the office.

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The Call from website service is a new level of communication with customers on your website.

The service will allow you to integrate your company's web-site and Call-center into a single mechanism, raising communication with customers to a new level.

The Service is an additional channel of communication between site visitors and company managers. Consultation of clients as an integral part of the sales process, can increase the chances of the subsequent sale of goods or services by 30-50%.

Using the Call on the site your clients can immediately contact the operator or order a call back at a convenient number and time, thereby increasing the chance that your clients will make a purchase from you, receiving a response from you faster than from your competitors.

The service performs the following tasks:


Site visitors can contact the operator using a headset or microphone or order an automatic call back to your phone number.


All conversations will be recorded and you can always check the quality of your own service.


The service can be used simultaneously on several sites. Calls will be received by operators in turn or according to the system settings.


The service independently will distribute incoming calls of visitors according to the rules of dialing to operators and, if necessary, will transfer the call.


The service will allow you to create several groups and set them different working hours. Technical support can be available 24 hours a day.


The database of calls will allow you to generate the necessary reports, optimize the work of operators and increase customer loyalty.

How does it work

After the service will be activated in the personal account, the Widget script that you want to add on the web-site will be sent to the specified e-mail. After adding the code, in the personal account you need to add phone numbers or SIP-accounts of KazTransCom to communicate with the Call center or directly with the operators. After making these changes on the web-site there will be a button by clicking on which the visitor can call the operator or request a call back.

Additional services

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Client Benefits

Communication channels

Traditional external lines and SIP numbers can be used to connect customers with the Call center.


Notification of successful and unsuccessful calls will be sent by the Operator to the e-mail, as well as notifications about the order of the call at a convenient time for the customer.


You can choose a ready-made design topic or take it as a basis and create your own one. The topic will extend to the call from the site and other windows and service buttons.


Intelligent system for distribution of incoming calls will by turn, by load or to all Operators at the same time.


Automated calls to customers and Operators according to the specified parameters will reduce the time of dialing to customers up to 8 seconds.


The cost will be calculated individually depending on the number of selected operators and additional services.

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