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Antivirus Dr. WEB Premium

The security of your business is under control!

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Do you want to protect your company against viruses and ensure stable operation of corporate IT systems?

Each company, regardless of its level and kind of activity, needs reliable, effective and complete protection against malicious software and computer threats. Currently, the comprehensive protection of corporate systems is an integral part of the security of any business.

Dr. Web is one of the world's leading vendors with its own unique technologies of malicious software detection and treatment. Complex Dr Web solutions are a guarantee of security of your workstations, servers and mobile devices based on Android.

The service performs the following tasks:


Antivirus will secure your company data against all known and unknown types of cyber threats, malicious software and viruses.


Firewall will make a barrier in the way of hackers to invade your computer.


Anti-spam -automatically detects and filters unwanted emails (spam) in any language;


Data loss protection will protect against damage of files encrypted by Trojan encoder regularly creating their backup copies (switched off by default).


Office control will allow you to block sites by keywords in the URL and protect employees against visiting unwanted web resources.


There is a lock of removable devices such as memory sticks and other devices that use a USB port for PC connection, including webcams, camera devices and MP3 players.

How does it work

In order to buy the Antivirus Dr. WEB Premium service it is required to register in your personal account or to be authorized if you are already a user of your personal account. Then you have to select the required number of licenses and the period of the use of the Service, and further make a purchase by a Bank card (VISA, MC Card, AMEX), or directly through the Bank to the account of the Dealer. After an effective payment there will be a list of links to download installation files in the database of your personal account. The files shall be downloaded and installed on the necessary devices.

Additional services

Client Benefits


Timely monitoring, detection and elimination of virus attacks, prompt notification of the administrator and the user about the virus incident.


The convenient payment method (SaaS) is only for the actual number of subscriptions and for the selected period of time.

24/7 priority technical support

Personal managers, certified technical specialists, round-the-clock network monitoring, technical and information support.

Permanent protection.

From the moment of connection of the service your IT devices will be under continuous protection.

Easy connection

Immediate connection of additional workstations and mobile devices required protection.


The cost is calculated individually depending on the number of selected licenses.

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