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Cloud-based video surveillance for your business.

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KVideo is a fast and convenient way to deploy a complete video surveillance system to monitor the effectiveness of your business.

The service allows you to connect an unlimited number of cameras at any of your cites, without the need to purchase expensive equipment for processing and storing data.

Cloud technologies are increasingly used in all areas of business, including the video surveillance and remote monitoring systems. The service of cloud video surveillance, kVideo, is a set of flexible, economical and easily scalable tools that guarantee access to your CCTV cameras anywhere in Kazakhstan from anywhere in the world.

In addition to connecting new cameras, kVideo also successfully integrates existing cameras and video surveillance systems in your offices, stores and production branches, with the portal for online access and the cloud-based KazTransCom data warehouse. The storage of archival data is carried out for several days or years, depending on the wishes of our clients.

The service performs the following tasks:


The organization of cloud-based video surveillance on an unlimited number of remote cites


The ability to view video in real time by an unlimited number of users due to sharing of load on KazTransCom cloud servers


Flexible management of CCTV camera access rights and archival video recordings


Access to video cameras and archive records from anywhere in the world, using any type of device


Connecting an unlimited number of geographically distributed surveillance cameras into a single system


Record and store data from cameras in a cloud archive for the amount of time you need

How does it work

You can use the kVideo service in two ways convenient for you. You can immediately purchase the required number of cameras or rent cameras as needed. Specialists of our company will perform the installation and connection of video cameras, test the service and, if necessary, increase the number of devices connected to the service at any time convenient for you.

Additional services

Client Benefits


Supervisors' time saving on visiting remote sites of your organization.


All information is stored and processed in KazTransCom cloud servers, you do not need to buy additional equipment for processing and storing of video recordings.


Service of equipment and elimination of problems are carried out by certified specialists.


Unified security policies and access control while using existing infrastructure built on Cisco routers


Data transmission from cameras is carried out through Face recognition, car number-plate recognition, inter-camera tracking, left object detector, smoke and fire detectordedicated L3 VPN channels.

Intelligent modules

Face recognition, car number-plate recognition, inter-camera tracking, left object detector, smoke and fire detector.


The cost is calculated individually depending on the requirements of the client.

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