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Personalized delivery of SMS messages to mobile devices of your clients.

Guaranteed delivery of your information to subscribers around the world.

Provision of personalized services to customers requires convenient and functional tools for interaction in any business area. The SMS-Portal service is a convenient tool for communication with clients, guaranteeing the delivery of advertising and service information to mobile devices of users around the world.

SMS messages are most commonly used for the delivery of personal information or advertising messages, service messages such as authentication and authorization in social network accounts, transactions confirmation in e-commerce and banking operations, as well as to confirm the publication of information on the Internet.

The service performs the following tasks:


Personalized delivery of service-information and advertising messages to mobile devices of users


Personalized delivery of authorization and transaction messages to mobile devices of users


Bulk, news and promotional mailings to mobile devices of users


Saving of time and money to create your own platform of SMS messages mailing


SMS messages sending to the network of mobile operators around the world


Possibility of SMS messages sending on behalf of your organization

How does it work

You can use the SMS-Portal service in two convenient ways: over the WEB-interface or by connecting to the system by means of API interface. WEB-interface allows you to work with the service through the personal account of user: create and make SMS-mailings, view and upload statistics, and also work with black and white lists of subscribers. The API interface allows you to connect service to your IT systems and make SMS-mailings through your technical means without going through a visit to your personal account.

Additional services

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Client Benefits


Guaranteed delivery of SMS messages to users who are in roaming.


Availability of API-interface for integration with client IT systems.


Wide coverage of the audience due to the high penetration rate of cellular networks.


A convenient personal account for working with SMS-mailings.


Control and protection against repeated messages and mailings


Flexible tariffs depending on the form of payment: prepaid, postpaid


The value is calculated individually, depending on the number of SMS messages sent and additional services.

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